Our charge card.

Cheaper charging with Crete Mobility? It can be done!

Every electric car owner knows them: the charging card. Just scan it and the car is charged.

Would you like to know how much you pay? You will see it on the invoice, or on the statements of your debit/credit card. Public charging station tariffs can also be consulted on various platforms.

Our approach

Many charge cards today require a monthly subscription. With the Crete-Mobility charge card, however, this is not the case. If you don’t use the charge card for a while, for example, there are no charges. Simple isn’t it?

In addition, we have been busy creating a platform. The Crete-Mobility platform allows you to manage your charging solution, even remotely. The platform also allows you to consult the consumption of your Belgium-Mobility charge card, order new charge cards and manage existing charge cards.

Last but not least!

Thanks to a considerable number of collaborations with various charging station operators (CPOs), we have managed to let you save a lot of money. Compare it to refuelling at a reduced cost per litre. Definitely worth it!

How do you apply for your Crete Mobility charge card?

  1. Create an account or log in with an existing account on our 🔗 platform
  2. Go to load tags.
  3. Click on “click here to order”.
  4. Your Crete Mobility charging card will come your way.
  5. Happy Charging! ⚡️